2PM Counts Down To Concert By Sharing New Photos


2PM is getting fans even more excited for their upcoming concert series!

On February 21, the group shared two photos on their Twitter with the caption, “2PM CONCERT ‘6Nights’ D-3.”  The first photo features the guys with giant balloons that spell out “2PM,” while the second shows them holding up the letters of the word “Promise,” which is the title of their 2016 comeback track. 

The group also previously shared a logo for their concert series that was designer by member Nichkhun!

2PM’s “6 Nights” is a series of six concerts that is kicking off at the Seoul Olympic Handball Gymnasium on February 24, with following shows on February 25 and 26, and March 3, 4, and 5.


GOT7’s Jinyoung Takes On A Sophisticated Look For CeCi


GOT7 member Jinyoung has been gaining more and more attention for his blossoming acting career.

The idol recently appeared in a solo feature for fashion magazine CeCi to promote his upcoming movie “A Stray Goat.” In the pictorial, he shows off a masculine and brooding charm.

After appearing in dramas, Jinyoung will soon be making his film debut as the lead character in “A Stray Goat.” The movie tells the story of Minsik, a boy who moves to a sleepy town that never snows and befriends a bullied female classmate. The film is scheduled for release on March 3.

Check out images from Jinyoung’s CeCi pictorial below!

jinyoung got7

jinyoung got7 2

jinyoung got7 3

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K.A.R.D Thanks International Fans And Say They’ve Never Been Happier

K.A.R.D recently expressed their love for their fans.

During K.A.R.D’s V App broadcast on February 21 titled “K.A.R.D’s Thank you song battle,” Jeon Somin said, “There were a lot of great things that happened before today’s broadcast. On iTunes, we ranked 63rd on the U.S. chart, first on the U.S. K-pop chart, 22nd on the U.K. Pop chart, and 32nd on Brazil’s Song chart.”

She continued to thank K.A.R.D’s international fanbase as she added, “It’s all thanks to you guys. We never thought our song would be received so well. We didn’t think we’d get this much interest for our song.”

J.Seph chimed in and said, “We’re grateful to have received so much love, despite not making our official debut yet.” When Jeon Somin said, “We’re so happy these days. So much that it’s hard to fall asleep at night,” B.M added, “It’s true. I only slept three hours last night.”

Jeon Somin concluded by expressing her gratitude once more as she stated, “You guys watched our music video for ‘Oh Nana’ so much that we’re almost at 10 million views. We’re leading such happy lives these days.”

K.A.R.D also recently shared their thoughts about being the only co-ed K-pop idol group, as well as their popularity abroad.

Are you loving K.A.R.D and their new song, “Don’t Recall”?

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“Hwarang” Cast Expresses Love And Thanks After Finale

Some of the cast members of the hit KBS drama “Hwarang” have expressed their feelings after the show’s final episode!

After the finale of “Hwarang” aired on February 21, Park Hyung Sik, Do Ji Han, Jo Yoon Woo, and Kim Taehyung (BTS’s V) all posted the same group photo of the cast, from what may have been a reunion to watch the episode together. The photo features cast members Jo Yoon Woo, Kim Hyun Jun, Do Ji Han, SHINee’s Choi Minho, Park Seo Joon, Kim Taehyung, and Park Hyung Sik.

Park Hyung Sik posted the photo to his Instagram and wrote as the caption, “Thank you… And I love you!”

He also shared a photo of himself on set, and said goodbye to his character before writing, “More than anything, I’m happy to have been able to meet such great people. I sincerely thank all those who have been watching ‘Hwarang’ all this time, and those who have supported Sammaekjong while crying and laughing together with him. I love you.”

Jo Yoon Woo shared the photo in black and white on his Instagram with the caption, “Hwarang, thank you for everything,” and listed all the character names of the cast in the photo before writing, “It’s really goodbye.”

Do Ji Han posted the picture to his own Instagram along with one of the posters for “Hwarang.” He thanked everyone for their love in the caption, and said he was happy to have been able to meet all of the cast members. “I love you all so, so much,” he wrote.

Kim Taehyung shared the photo on BTS’s official members’ Twitter account and wrote, “I was so grateful to be able to film with such great people. I want to show this off to ARMY!!!”

Kim Hyun Jun also shared a photo to his Instagram with the caption, “I was glad to be able to live as Danse for ten weeks. Farewell, Danse.”

Although it’s sad to see the drama end, you can watch “Hwarang” again from the beginning below!


Watch: BLACKPINK Brings Everything From Dance Moves To Aegyo In “Get It Beauty 2017” Preview


BLACKPINK is set to take over the set of “Get It Beauty 2017”!

A teaser for the upcoming episode of the beauty variety show was uploaded recently, giving fans a sneak peek of what they can expect from BLACKPINK’s upcoming appearance.

The video has everything, from the members talking about YG dating rules, a little bit of heart-stopping aegyo from Jennie, and Lisa looking adorably shy as she dances to “Boombayah.”

BLACKPINK was one of the hottest rookie groups of 2016, and they blazed onto the scene with a unique sense of style and music. It will be interesting to see what they will bring to the next episode of OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty 2017,” which will air on February 26 at 8:20 p.m. KST.

Are you excited for BLACKPINK’s upcoming appearance on “Get It Beauty 2017”?


Jung Joon Young Announces Interesting Name For Official Fanclub To Celebrate Birthday


Jung Joon Young prepared a special gift for his fans to celebrate his birthday, and it was none other than a name for his fandom!

The singer made the announcement on various social media platforms on February 21, with the big reveal showing that the fandom’s official name is Jungbrahimovic. In the video, Jung Joon Young jokes that his fans probably know why he decided on the name, and urges them to join the fanclub so they can, “Build their Jungbrahimovic kingdom together.”

The secret story behind the name is that Jung Joon Young is a well-known fan of Manchester United’s Swedish forward, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He even revealed during an episode of “2 Days & 1 Night” that he once looked into changing his surname to “Ibrahimovic.”

Jung Joon Young

Jungbrahimovic is Jung Joon Young surname “Jung” and “Ibrahimovic” put together.

Are you ready to be a Jungbrahimovic?

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Watch: 100% Makes Return With Moving “Sketch U” MV


100% is pulling at our heart strings with their new music video!

The five-member group released their mini album “Sketchbook” on February 22 at midnight KST, as well as the music video for their ballad “Sketch U.”

Watch the video below!

The group’s new mini album also includes four other tracks, as well as an instrumental version of “Sketch U.” This is the group’s first comeback since they released their mini album “Time Leap” last October, which features the title track “Better Day.”

What do you think of 100%’s music video for “Sketch U”?


NCT’s Doyoung To Hang Out With Gong Myung And Jung Hye Sung On “We Got Married”

Jung Hye Sung is set to meet an in-law, Gong Myung’s brother and NCT member, Doyoung.

A representative of MBC’s “We Got Married” responded to the reports of their meeting and stated, “The reports that Gong Myung, Jung Hye Sung, and Doyoung are meeting are true. They haven’t met yet, but they will in the future.”

NCT’s Doyoung is Gong Myung’s younger brother, and the duo are one of Korea’s representative celebrity siblings. Known as the “Dong Brothers,” as their real names are Kim Dong Young and Kim Dong Hyun, the two have been raising their name recognition in the industry with various promotional activities.

The trio has interacted before, with a phone conversation between them having aired during a recent preview, but this will be the first time the three of them meet in person.

Though a date has not been set yet, Doyoung’s appearance on MBC’s “We Got Married” is set to air soon.

Are you excited to see Gong Myung, Jung Hye Sung, and Doyoung hanging out?

Check out the latest episode of “We Got Married” below!

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Yang Hong Won Becomes 2nd “High School Rapper” Contestant Swept Up In Controversy

Another high-profile contestant from “High School Rapper” has been swept up in a controversy.

Posts about Yang Hong Won’s past began rapidly circulating around social media, various online communities, and blogs on February 21.

One netizen posted various past photos of the contestant and wrote, “Yang Hong Won, a contestant of ‘High School Rapper,’ is a well-known bully in Songpa-gu?! I don’t have any ill will towards him.”

Another netizen stated, “He stole the bicycle of my friend’s younger sibling as they were passing by. And when he [my friend’s younger sibling] wouldn’t let go, he slapped them.”

The statements have been spreading quickly under the title “Yang Hong Won, personal life controversy,” along with other claims that he has been reported to his school for bullying, and that he engaged in underaged smoking and drinking.

This is the second controversy to hit the show following Jang Yong Joon, whose past and social media interactions resulted in him leaving the show, and his father announcing that he would resign from his political positions.

Neither “High School Rapper” nor Yang Hong Won have released a statement regarding the situation yet.

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TWICE Achieves Perfect All-Kill With “Knock Knock”


TWICE’s new track “Knock Knock” is proving to be a huge hit!

Their song has been doing very well on the charts since its release on February 20 at midnight, and achieved an “all-kill” (took the top spot on all eight major Korean realtime charts) within the first hour after it came out.

At 1:30 p.m. KST on February 21, that “all-kill” turned into a “perfect all-kill” as the track grabbed first place on all eight daily and realtime charts, as well as the iChart’s weekly and realtime charts. They have amazingly continued to hold the perfect all-kill for nine hours so far!

twice knock knock

Congrats, TWICE!