Watch: NCT Dream Takes 2nd Win For “My First And Last” On “The Show,” Performances By SF9, NCT 127, And More

NCT Dream has grabbed another trophy for their new track “My First and Last”!

On February 21’s episode of the SBS MTV music show “The Show,” NCT Dream was up against their fellow NCT sub-unit NCT 127 as well as APRIL for the win. NCT Dream grabbed first place with a total score of 8,248, with NCT 127 coming in second with 7,245 and APRIL earning a score of 6,897.

This was the group’s second week in a row winning on “The Show”!

Watch their performance and win below!

Other performances in this week’s episode were by B.I.G, BP Rania, NCT 127, SF9, VAV, Gavy NJ, DreamCatcher, MASC, Melody Day, BEATWIN, BIGFLO, SONAMOO, Shin Hyun Woo, APRIL, WALWARI, TopSecret, Zingo, and Hong Jin Young.

Watch many of them below!

NCT 127 – “Limitless”

SF9 – “Roar”

APRIL – “April Story”

SONAMOO – “I Think I Love U”

Melody Day – “Kiss on the Lips”

BP Rania – “Make Me Ah”

BIGFLO – “Stardom”

B.I.G – “1,2,3”

VAV – “Dance With Me”

MASC – “Tina”

DreamCatcher – “Chase Me”

TopSecret – “She”

Congrats to NCT Dream on their second win!


Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Opens Up About Acting And “Defendant” Co-Star Ji Sung

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri opened up about her acting ambition in the latest issue of InStyle.

On February 21, the celebrity and fashion magazine released their March issue interview and pictorial with the idol, who currently stars as defense lawyer Seo Eun Hye in SBS legal drama “Defendant.”

Yuri revealed her lovely, multi-faceted charm in the pictorial, which will be a part of the magazine’s 14-year anniversary issue. Even with her busy filming schedule, the Girls’ Generation member appeared to be full of energy with a flawless, perfect complexion.

In the interview, the idol talked about her career and future acting plans.

“Right now, I am starting a new challenge as actress Kwon Yuri. I want to seek out more opportunities and a new image,” she began.

She also added that her “Defendant” co-star Ji Sung has “taught [her] a lot about acting,” which has resulted in a comfortable, enjoyable filming process.

Check out more from Yuri’s pictorial for InStyle’s March issue below!

yuri girls generation1

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6 Reasons You Should Watch “Dongju: The Portrait Of A Poet”

“With my heart singing to the stars,
I shall love all things that are dying.
And I must walk the road
that has been given to me.”

-Yun Dong Ju, November 20, 1941

I had first heard about “Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet” while watching “Infinite Challenge.” In a particular series of episodes, the cast brings various hip hop artists together to rap about significant historical events and people from Korean history. I was particularly intrigued by the story about Yun Dong Ju and was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a movie about him starring Kang Ha Neul. I immediately watched the movie mainly because I knew if Kang Ha Neul was in it, it would be worthwhile. He’s just that awesome.

Without further ado, here are five reasons why you should watch this movie.

Warning: Contains minor spoilers.

1. The depth of the movie

First things first; the movie is in black and white. I know this might not seem like the most appealing way to grab one’s attention with a movie, but believe me, this one has some impact. Obviously, people might gear more toward the technicolor aspect of a flick, but I totally get why they made it this way. Something about a black and white film makes you focus more on the story, the acting, and in this case, the poetry. All of which is at the core of this movie.

I guarantee that after a few minutes, you won’t even notice that the movie is not in color, nor will it matter. The story of the poet Yun Dong Ju will have you on a series of emotional breakdowns as you get sucked into his world of despair, turmoil, and oppression. There are also several moments throughout the movie where Dong Ju is reciting lines from his poems, which will take you to a place of true appreciation and respect for what Dong Ju and many other historical figures stood up for during this time in history.

Needless to say, it’s a heavy movie, but so necessary.

2. The storyline

The story begins with Dong Ju in a Japanese prison. He is being questioned for his involvement in the Korean independence movement by the Japanese government. The film continues to show the political situation through the two main characters, Yun Dong Ju (Kang Ha Neul), and his cousin and friend, Song Mong Kyu (Park Jung Min).

After having to leave school in Korea, the two cousins decide to go to Japan to get an education with the hopes that they can be successful. The political situation gets worse, which interferes with their studying. Contemplating whether or not they should go back to Korea, they realize the seriousness of the war and they decide to take a stand and fight for not only their rights, but the rights of their people in Korea. In the midst of this fight, Dong Ju and Mong Gyu are captured by the Japanese government and forced into prison. Even from within the walls of the prison cell, Dong Ju continues to write his inspiring poetry. These two students continue to be brave and fight for what they believe in.

3. Kang Ha Neul as Yun Dong Ju

Kang Ha Neul certainly knows how to step up to the challenge of complex roles. It’s not easy stepping into the shoes of such a grand historical figure, especially considering the depth of emotions that Yun Dong Ju experienced within his short lifespan. Nevertheless, Kang Ha Neul’s acting ability is something to admire. Considering the fact that he’s still a fairly young actor, his repertoire of films and dramas are promising and his future career as a great actor is bright.

This film manages to touch on the most touching aspects of Yun Dong Ju’s life. In the first 10 minutes of the movie, you get a good grasp of how passionate Yoon Dong Ju is about poetry and it’s really beautiful. There is a specific part in the movie where his cousin finds him a book of poems written by his favorite poet and you can see the joy and spark in his face when he realizes what it is. Mong Gyu’s exact words when giving Dong Ju the book are, “I know you worship the poet,” and you can really see this in Kang Ha Neul’s acting.

I also have to mention how adorable Kang Ha Neul is as Dong Ju when he’s gawking and falling in love at first sight with Lee Yeo Jin (Shin Yoon Joo).

The film takes us on a journey of how Yun Dong Ju ended up going to Japan and how he ended up being interrogated by the Japanese government. As this character’s life becomes harder, you can see the pain and frustration of his life completely and you’ll be able to get a good idea of maybe a fraction of what the real Dong Ju was going through.

4. Park Jung Min as Song Mong Gyu

Park Jung Min plays the outspoken friend and cousin of Dong Ju named Song Mong Gyu. He is incredibly smart and wants nothing more than for Koreans to have independence. He is protective of his little cousin Dong Ju and encourages him to continue writing his poems. Judging from these two characters, you can tell that they both have a deep appreciation for education and literature, but because of the given circumstances, they are unable to focus on these passions. Instead, Mong Gyu attempts to make some radical change while he is studying in Japan. Although he does not have an army of people to help him create an effective revolution, he stands by his ideals and tries his best to create change.

Park Jung Min just continues to impress me with his performances. When you take a look at his most recent role as Lee Ho Jin in “Entourage” and compare it with his portrayal of Song Mong Gyu, you can see how completely different the characters are. It’s only through some impressive acting ability that you’re able to showcase such stark characters, and Park Jung Min hits the nail on the head. It’s evident that Park Jung Min really believes in his character and the story of the movie. You can see it in the way he acts and the way he delivers specific lines in the movie. It’s a performance that can not be missed.

5. It teaches us the value and power of the arts

“Poetry is also good enough to express your ideas. When it uncovers the truth living in people’s hearts, literature gains power and that power gathered together can change the world.”
-Yun Dong Ju

There is a part in the movie where Dong Ju tells his father about his and his cousin’s plan to start a magazine. Dong Ju would write poems and his cousin would write essays. His father’s response is something us arts and humanities students have heard all too often, “As a writer, at best, you’d just become a newspaper reporter.” His father completely objects Dong Ju’s willingness to go to school to be a writer.

The best part about this movie is that Dong Ju is able to do so much more than become a newspaper reporter. He’s able to touch the lives and hearts of many people, even now. Dong Ju’s beautiful poetry not only touches the hearts of many, it will continue to be a reminder of the people who struggled during this time in history. 

6. Finally, Kang Ha Neul’s beautiful singing on the OST

Hearing Kang Ha Neul’s singing as the credits were rolling at the end of the movie was just the icing on top of the cake. It brought the entire movie together and it’ll leave an unforgettable impression on you. You might cry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I encourage everyone to watch this movie and to take in the history and brilliant performances from all the actors. Hope you enjoy!

Check out the trailer below, and click here to watch “Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet.”

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Lovelyz’s Yein To Possibly Sit Out Upcoming Comeback Promotions Due To Ankle Injury


On February 20, a source from Lovelyz’s agency Woollim Entertainment revealed, “Yein hurt her ankle while practicing. Although it’s not a serious injury, we will be closely observing her progress to decide if she will join the upcoming promotions.”

According to the agency, Yein is very upset about it and feels bad for letting her fellow Lovelyz members down.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz is making a comeback on February 27 with “R U Ready?” Check out their teasers!

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PD Of Popular “Reply” Drama Series To Return With New Prison Drama

“Do I feel burdened by or have any concerns regarding my new project? Not at all.”

On February 20, it was revealed that the PD of tvN’s popular “Reply” drama series, Shin Won Ho, is in the beginning stages of his next project. PD Shin stated, “We are currently casting the main characters for the drama. We are casting regardless of popularity and name recognition. The actors will be chosen based on their acting ability and individual character. We are always looking for new faces so we are starting with rookie actors; however, nothing has been confirmed yet.”

The drama will be a prison drama, but is set to defy expectations. PD Shin said, “Most people think of frightening or dark storylines when they think of a prison drama; however, this drama will be about the diverse group of individuals in a prison and will explore the stories of these individuals who many may think have reached rock bottom.”

The PD admitted that the drama, although not necessarily dark, would not be a lighthearted one either. The drama will be a black comedy and will likely cause viewers to reflect on the current state of affairs, although PD Shin emphasized that this is not the drama’s immediate purpose.

PD Shin will also be joined by writers that he worked with on the “Reply” series, such as Jung Go Eun and Lee Woo Jung.

After his new project, PD Shin plans to return to the “Reply” series for the next installment. While many of his juniors are experienced enough to take on the series, PD Shin does not have any plans to pass it along to them as of yet.

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5 Characters You Shouldn’t Underestimate In “Defendant”

Note: At the time this piece was written, “Defendant” had only aired eight episodes. Spoilers ahead.

Currently one of the highest-rated dramas in Korea, “Defendant” has debunked the common myth that a Korean drama needs romance to be good. A drama built entirely on suspense and thrills, “Defendant” tells the story of Park Jeong Woo (played by Ji Sung), a respected prosecutor who suddenly wakes up one day and finds himself in prison for murdering his wife and daughter. He believes he is innocent and tries to clear his name, but faces a huge inconvenience – he cannot remember anything that has happened to him in the past four months, which includes the time of murder and his supposed confession.

We all know the main cast will play a critical role in how the story ultimately pans out, but below are five minor characters who may become major players in bringing the truth to light.

A big reveal in recent episodes is that Park Jeong Woo’s daughter, Ha Yeon (played by Shin Rin Ah), is still alive. Everyone had thought she was brutally murdered by her father, but now a few key people have caught onto the surprising fact that she is alive. This means we will not only be seeing more of her in future episodes, but also seeing her emerge as a more important character in the story. After all, she is a key piece of evidence that could clear Park Jeong Woo’s name. Park Jeong Woo was found guilty because he confessed to killing his wife and daughter, but if he were the real murderer, he would have known if the victims were truly dead. So if Ha Yeon suddenly appears alive and well, it would show that Park Jeong Woo did not commit the crime and was coerced into confessing, which means a re-investigation will have to happen.

And of course we can’t forget the people who will be unhappy to know Ha Yeon is alive. For them, Ha Yeon will be another piece of evidence they have to eliminate to cover their crime, so fingers crossed that the right people get to Ha Yeon first!

Defendant 2

Cha Min Ho’s mother (played by Ye Soo Jung) now joins the very small circle of people who know for a fact that Cha Min Ho killed his twin brother and assumed his identity. But unlike most other people in that circle, she is still alive, which means she could expose the truth should she choose to. The terror on her face when she realizes what Min Ho did shows she is a person with a moral conscience, so maybe she will do something about this. However, she has a history of mental instability, which could complicate things. People might dismiss her as an unreliable source and disregard her even if she reveals the truth. But her mental instability might be a hidden advantage in that it allows her to dig deeper and find more answers without raising eyebrows, since people will think she is just being strange as usual. As a person with important information, a conscience, and an ability to go under the radar, she could become a critical character later on and a surprise obstacle that Cha Min Ho did not see coming.

Defendant 1

The prison warden is Cha Min Ho’s right hand man in prison, keeping a close eye on Park Jeong Woo at all times, but all of that is about to become past tense. Fed up with following Cha Min Ho’s orders like a “dog” and not receiving his promised promotion, the prison warden has begun lying to his former master about Park Jeong Woo’s condition. He is also secretly looking into why Cha Min Ho is so obsessed with Park Jeong Woo and currently holds a critical tape recording. Who knows where the prison warden’s personal ambitions and investigations will lead him, but should he find out any piece of the truth, he will become a prominent player in the case and a massive headache for Cha Min Ho.

Defendant 6

We briefly saw the psychiatrist (played by Seo Jeong Yeon) in earlier episodes when both Prosecutor Kang and Cha Min Ho set up individual meetings with her to learn about amnesia. Now she has reappeared, but this time in prison, where she performs a checkup on all the inmates. She strongly insists on seeing Park Jeong Woo for a check up despite resistance from the prison warden and his men, and when she finally gets to see him, she secretly helps him make an important phone call to his lawyer. It’s still too early to say whose side the psychiatrist is on, since we haven’t seen much of her, but her persistence in seeing Park Jeong Woo and helping him make the phone call certainly raises questions about who she is and what her intentions are. Is she helping Park Jeong Woo per Prosecutor Kang’s request, or is she using this opportunity to collect intel on him for Cha Min Ho? Or is she neutral and just digging deeper into the case before determining whose side she will be on? It looks like her screen time in the drama will begin to increase as her actions indicate she may be catching onto something and will emerge as an important character later on.

Defendant 5

Investigator Go (played by Lee Shin Sung) is in a coma, which means there’s still hope that he can awaken, and if he does, he will most definitely become important to the story. After all, he was one of Park Jeong Woo’s closest co-workers, and he can fill in all the memory gaps Park Jeong Woo has. He is also the only person who has found incriminating evidence against Cha Min Ho, so if he awakens and has a chance to share what he knows with the right people, everyone will be in for a wild ride.

What other minor characters do you think will emerge as important figures later on? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to catch up on the series by watching it exclusively on Viki!

Watch "Defendant" Exclusively on Viki!


Sandara Park Reveals Makeup Routine She Made Because Of G-Dragon


The first episode of OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty 2017” aired on February 19, and Sandara Park revealed her bare face and showed viewers her personal makeup routine.

Sandara Park confessed that she created a simpler makeup routine after BIGBANG’s G-Dragon made fun of her makeup at a club once by saying, “Who still wears a full face of makeup to the club nowadays?”

The singer emphasized the importance of blush and admitted that she would not leave the house without putting blush on. She then proceeded to apply blush by dabbing it on in the shape of a heart. This made MC Lee Honey jokingly say, “How are we only one year apart in age?”

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Yoon Jong Shin Reveals Details On Upcoming Track Featuring Block B’s Zico


The February 2017 issue of “Monthly Yoon Jong Shin” will be a folk track titled “Wi-Fi” featuring Block B’s Zico.

Yoon Jong Shin previously revealed various versions of the album cover through his Instagram, along with a teaser image of Zico.

yoon jong shin zico 2

yoon jong shin zico 3

Many are curious to see an all-new synergy created by Zico and Yoon Jong Shin.

Yoon Jong Shin has collaborated with various rappers in the past as well, some of them being Epik High’s Tablo, Beenzino, Swings, WINNER’s Mino, and Hanhae. Continuing his history of experimental and fresh music, the upcoming song will also be an unprecedented kind of folk music.

“Wi-Fi” will be released through music sites on February 24 at 12 a.m. KST.

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MADTOWN Switches Agencies And J.Tune Camp Responds To Reports About Company Shut-Down


Earlier, it was reported that J.Tune Camp, the entertainment agency founded by singer and actor Rain, had shut down.

One of their former groups, MADTOWN, has signed with a new agency, GNI Entertainment, which further fueled the rumors of the company shut-down. The group is said to be preparing a new album but an exact comeback date has not been decided yet. J.Tune Camp, which is responsible for groups like MBLAQ, confirmed that MADTOWN had recently switched agencies but has stated that the rumors about the company shutting down are false.

The agency stated, “We believe these rumors surfaced because MADTOWN recently transferred to a new agency and the members of MBLAQ are currently serving in the military.”

J.Tune Camp also announced that they are currently selecting new artists and are preparing for their debuts.

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Update: IU Posts A Spoiler Of A New Song After Announcing Her Comeback


Update February 20 KST: 

On February 20 at approximately 5:30 p.m. KST, IU posted a new video on her personal Instagram of what appears to be a spoiler of one of her new songs.


On February 20, a representative from IU’s management agency, Fave Entertainment, announced, “IU is currently in the process of producing new music for her comeback.”

IU recently posted to her official fan cafe and told fans that she had been working on new music during her break. In her post she said, “Today, I’m recording for a song that I really like! I think it will become a fan-favorite.”

Her agency also stated, “We do not know if her comeback will be in the first half of the year yet. We will need to spend more time producing before we can confidently know when her comeback will be.”

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